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Ckorey Blunt "Michael Jordan" (feat. Trinidad Cardona) OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL #AZ47 #CKOREYBLUNT

Ckorey Blunt "Michael Jordan" (feat. Trinidad Cardona) OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL #AZ47 #CKOREYBLUNT

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Artist and rapper Corey Leon Thomas, better known as Ckorey Blunt, is a vibrant creative with a very unique-and-heavy sound. Born and raised in deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, Ckorey Blunt makes music with purpose and volume. Inspired by the greats – Tupac Shakur, Lloyd Banks, Slim Dunkn – his sound reverberates influence, but generally drives with its own sense of identity and character.


Ambition and hard-work are a huge part of what has paved the way for Ckorey Blunt so far; and it is what will continue to help him rise-up within the music industry. Offering his fans around the globe a complete package – the image, the confidence, the uninhibited approach to writing, and the unmistakable leading voice – Ckorey Blunt already has the building blocks in place, and his audience has been growing consistently as a result.


Behind the music, Blunt’s confidence and determination stem from a fine balance between being a dedicated family man, and being consistently business-minded. The music industry is as much about industry, as it is the music, and this is another area in which Blunt undoubtedly excels. From his lifestyle-inspired merchandise, to his other business ventures into cannabis accessories, Ckorey Blunt and his management team have a much bigger picture in mind.


The 28-year-old rapper however, still has detailed plans to take his music to the next level. With hard-hitting tracks like $noring, Light It Up and La Raza, his sound is easy to pick out and fills a role not commonly present in contemporary hip-hop. His sound is fresh, dark and intense; but also, professionally crafted and refreshingly performed, with passion and grit.


Having released one album to date, featured on a whole host of projects with other artists, and appeared on numerous TV stations and playlists, 2019 is by no means the beginning of his musical journey, but it’s absolutely the start of something big. Money, power and respect drive him, but so does a sincere love for his family, and an underlying dream to inspire and motivate the youths of tomorrow.

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